8 days in China – Day 3

Day 3: Dali


We arrived to Dali around 7 in the morning with an overnight train and thankfully I was still with same people from yesterday. I found out we’d be still going on the same tour for Dali. What a relief! After breakfast, we toured around the old town Dali.



Dali is famous for its “foreigners street” or Yangren Jie. The only funny thing was that the foreigners’ street was filled with Chinese tourists and I didn’t see any foreigners unless they were also disguised like me. I am not sure why but it was quite surprising that I didn’t encounter any westerners or other tourists in Dali. May be it was the time of the day we went; it was too early (around 8-9) in the morning for foreigners to enjoy themselves at Foreigners’ Street. Dali old town could be a very charming place but sadly it is so commercialized.

After Dali Old Town, we went to Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple dating back to 9th and 10th centuries. They are a landmark of Dali city and it was beautiful to see the pagodas at the foot of Cangshan mountain and in between
Erhai Lake.


There is a pond behind the pagodas and I was told that on a clear day it reflects all three pagodas. Unfortunately it was a gloomy day and it was raining so didn’t get to see it.

Out of three, the left one leans to one side and it is sort of like the Pisa tower in China.

After lunch, we went to Butterfly Spring Park. But it wasn’t that great and I wouldn’t recommend anyone going there. The only place is the Butterfly Pool which indeed is very clear and unique but apart from that don’t bother. I have been to more impressive butterfly farms in other countries so this one was disappointing.

After that we had 2 hours Erhai Lake cruise with the Bai ethnic tea with dance on the cruise. Again I was kinda bored after a while. If you didn’t go on a cruise you will not miss out. After the cruise, it was time for dinner and took us back to the hotel. Imagine taking an overnight train and going around Dali until 5:30, I was so ready to take shower by the time we got to the hotel.

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