8 Days in China : Day 4

Day 4: Dali – Lijiang
The tour guide announced that we were going to ASEAN Jade Galleria!!! For majority of Chinese , I’m sure they loved it. But for me, another blah moment …..first thing in the morning……Sigh….. I went around looking for a quiet place to have tea and read while the rest of the tour group did shopping jade. But everything was still close. So I just sat under a tree and read.

Here’s my cultural experience. Chinese loves jade especially old people. After shopping they came outside, I could see sparkles in the older Chinese women’s eyes. They smiled and touched their jade bangles and showed off. They looked around and asked strangers how much they had spent and bragged about how much they spent. Of course I don’t understand Chinese but I totally got the scenario.

After that another shopping stop at silver works and another hour of wandering begun. 😩

Dali, I’m sure, is a lovely city to live. Old town Dali is lovely but as a tourist, the city is so commercialized and I didn’t get to experience uniqueness of Dali. So if you are going to Yunnan tour, you could totally skip Dali and spend more time in other places. For me I did a lot of wandering to random places while the rest of the tour group did shopping. The best thing about Dali was the hotel. It was by Erhai Lake and really nice hotel with buffet breakfast. Good-bye, Dali!

After lunch, we left to Lijiang, There were a lot of road constructions happening so when they finished, it might be faster and might not take 4 hours bus ride.


When we arrived to Lijiang, we were dropped off at a villa near Old town Lijiang and the tour guide explained what we’d be doing. That was when I found out the two families I tagged along would be staying in Lijiang for next day; another family and I would be going to Shangri-La. I was disappointed because the two families had been helping me through out the trip and now I’d be on my own. Knowing the tour guides didn’t speak English, all I could do was to pray God to provide me with people to help me. He did help me because one of the old ladies felt so bad and worried for me that she cried and started asking another family to look after me.

I took some pictures with them and I’d be forever thankful to them for helping me during the trip.
After we sorted out, we started going to Old town Lijiang. It was very much like Old town Dali and the only difference was the time of the day. We went around 5:30 and it was really crowded.


Just a glimpse of Lijiang in one evening but I wanted to explore more of Lijiang on my own. The smell of all the food made my stomach growled…. Lijiang stuffed bun and yak barbecue skewers!!! Why didn’t I take pictures of those????
Well, off to Shangri-La in the morning! May be, after coming back from Shangri-La, I could explore more.

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