8 days in China – Day 6

Day 6 – Shangri-La and Lijiang
Have you ever been to a place where it is just so beautiful and magical that all you want to do is to pause, look at the nature in awe, and take a mental picture? I have and it was in Pudacuo National Park in Shangri-La.
After a long day yesterday, I wish I could sleep in. But the tour guide told us to be ready by 6:30 in the morning. But at 6:30, the breakfast at the hotel wasn’t ready yet. The anxious people in our group went to the kitchen and helped the hotel staff by bringing the congee bowls, pickled vegetables, and hard boiled eggs. The tour guide was disappointed that we weren’t ready yet but it wasn’t our fault. So he started yelling at the staff, helped them at the same time by bringing food from the kitchen, and served at the different tables.
Finally around 6:45, after eating really fast, aka Chinese style, we headed out to the park. It was about 50 minutes drive from the town.

The park buses took us to the first stop, Shudu Lake. The view is just breathtakingly beautiful that I refused to take selfie because it would be an insult to the beautiful scenery.

It’s pretty amazing to see beautiful grasslands with yaks and horses.
On the park buses there were park employees telling all about the park but since I don’t understand Mandarin, I didn’t get any information. But Tony , a 13 year-old boy, from the family I tagged along during the tour, would translate for me from time to time trying his best. The park has more than 20% of the whole country’s plant species.

Tony translated for me that the park has many coniferous trees and their extracts are used to make anti cancer drug.

The next bus stop was Bita Lake and from there we walked back about 4km to a visitor center where park buses would take us back to the exit.


We left around 12, had lunch, and headed back to Lijiang.

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