Dear Half Marathon

Dear Half Marathon,
You might not know me but I’ve been secretly wanting to know you for a long time. You are the cool friend that I wanted to hang out with, but at the back of my mind, I also believed that I wasn’t cool enough to hang out with you; so I pretended like I didn’t like you. And I told myself that you are stupid anyway and only crazy people, who had nothing to do, hang out with you. I tried to forget about you and I told myself I hate you. For a while I actually believed that I hate you and I also made fun of those who hang out with you. I told others that I love myself too much that I would never torture myself to know you or any of your family members.

But starting from the beginning of this year, my friends kept saying how cool your family is that I started to wonder again. May be your family is not as mean as I thought you guys would be that you might embrace me into your circle. I could only imagine. May be I could try to get to know your younger siblings like 3K, 5K or 10K. So I introduced myself to your little bro 10K. To meet 10K, I spent about a month and a half and the process wasn’t so enjoyable. There were many times I asked myself what’s so special about 10K and his siblings I so want to get to know. I wanted to believe that 10K was stupid, ugly, and atrocious that instead of trying to meet him, I’d rather sit on my couch and watch TV. So I did but next day 10K looked just so cool that I couldn’t help myself but I had to drag my lazy self off the couch and run.

Finally I made it. I met 10K alive. He wasn’t too friendly to me but I was just thankful that he didn’t kill me or hurt my body. 🙂

But after I met 10K, I publicly declared my love for your family. A lot of people were surprised to hear that because all my life they heard me saying “If I have to run for my life, I would die.”

Of all your family members, I love your little sis 3K. She’s just so sweet to me and we are now BFF.

A few weeks ago, my friends mentioned again about you. For me, you are just an imaginary friend who is way too cool to hang out with me because I only hang out with your little sis.

But you know what, Half Marathon, watch out! I’m coming your way. I debated whether I should meet you or not. Then I decided I should because I’m not getting younger and it’d be hard to get to know you later in my life, so I might as well get to know you now.

My training starts tomorrow but as of now my right leg hurts, so I’m not sure when I can really start my training. I’ve already paid $180 to come see you in Siem Reap; you are quite expensive to hang out with. But since it might be my first and last “getting to know you”, I decided to spend that much money. So chances are ….
1) I fall in love with you (which I doubt) that I decide to see you again.
2) I despise you completely that I decide not to meet you anymore and I quit half way.
3) I make it to the finish line but you are too much for me that I can’t handle you another time. But, I will always remember you and our “meet and greet” in Siem Reap.

Anyway, let’s be friends, Half Marathon! Would you?



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