No turning back

It’s been six weeks since I started training for half marathon. Back in August, when a friend told me about Angkor Wat half marathon in Siem Reap, I thought it was cool and exciting and I thought about joining as well. Then I doubted… “Can I really run half marathon?” I want to but am I fit enough to do it?

Then it came to a point that I had to make a choice of buying air ticket during the first week of September. The airticket prices were going up everyday that if I didn’t buy it that week I’d end up paying a lot buying at the last minute. So I had to close my eyes and just did it before I mocked myself for paying $200 for just one way to fly from Siem Reap to Bangkok. After running 21K, taking a bus back to Bangkok would be a bad idea since I still need to go to work the next day (that’s if I’m still alive).

I convinced myself that it’s gonna be worth it to try half marathon because I’m not sure if my body is capable of running next year. Life is short and anything could happen. So I might as well try while I can. But I still doubted myself so much that I postponed registering for the race weeks after weeks.

But five weeks into the training, I fell in love with running more. I focused more on weekly goals than the bigger goal…21.1K. Last week I got myself a camelbak to get ready for long runs. IMG_4055.JPG

Yesterday after seeing this quote on Pinterest, I made up my mind that I would do half marathon.

I need to have a courage to start something that I really want to do. Before I could doubt myself, I registered online.

Now it’s no turning back. I have already planned the worst scenario and it made me feel better. My flight to Bangkok leaves at 11:45 a.m so if I get to the airport by 10, I’m ok. I have 4 hours to finish half marathon. I could walk, hop, or crawl to get to the finish line. think I can! 6 more weeks until my first half marathon!

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