Give THANKS in all circumstances

Last week was one of those where I felt everything had fallen apart. I was filled with negative thoughts that all I wanted to do was to throw an exclusive pity party to moan and groan about a series of unfortunate events.

It all started with my bi-annual dental visits. I hate going to the dentist’s office. Well, who loves going to the dentist anyway? But for me it literally makes me sick going there. I am frightened of the dentist’s drill and I feel like throwing up just thinking about the nerve-wracking drill. But modern day drills are less nerve-wracking and less painful compared to the dental drills when I was a child but still the fear is still the same.
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Having said that all I could do is to blame my forefathers for giving me bad teeth because I pretty much take good care of my teeth.
After an initial examination, my gracious dentist broke the news that he had once again found another cavity. And my old filling from 6 years ago needed to be fixed. What was more was that my one and only wisdom tooth also needed to be extracted! Awesome! What a great news! I literally wanted to sob there because six months ago I had a small cavity.

Next day I woke up with really bad sore and stiff shoulders. As soon as I got out of school, I went to have a Thai massage hoping it would help. The masseuse was even surprised to touch my shoulders because they were so tense. We tried to communicate with broken English and broken Thai and all I knew was it was pretty bad.

I was so bummed because it was only 4 weeks away from my half marathon and according to my plan, I was supposed to run 15K last week. But I could barely move let alone running for 15K. I was hoping for a miraculous healing over night and went to bed feeling disappointed. I hoped to get better next day and I could still make up for the long run I missed.

The next day was even worse. I woke up with even worse pain from my upper back in addition to a flu-like illness. The whole day as sick as I was, I was also partying hard at my pity party. Of course asking why me? Why now… I need to run!!!

But that night I was gently reminded by God to give thanks in all circumstances. My reply was, “Seriously? I need to go two more times to the dentist. And my upper back hurt. And I am sick. I can’t find any thing to be thankful for.” After my initial resist, I gave up. I started making a list of things I am thankful for.

1) I am thankful for affordable and quality dental care I have here in Bangkok. Many people around the world don’t have such a privilege.

2) I am thankful for my first grade students. They could be totally wild but when they found out I was sick, they were just like angels to their sick teacher.

3) I am thankful for people around me who provided with medicine, care, and prayers when I wasn’t feeling well.

After #3, I knew the list would go on. I have many things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior. I don’t deserve such love from Him. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit for being my gentle reminder.IMG_4140.JPG
Well, next day I woke up totally free from all kinds of pain and sickness. All I could say was, “thank you, God!”

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