Loikaw Trip: Day 2 (The last trip of 2014)

Just arrived to Kayah State yesterday after 17 hours bus ride, but since I had to head back to Yangon in the evening, I was determined to make the best out of the day. There are not much to see in Loikaw as it is a small city; we were heading towards Dimawso.To get to the 2days a week market in Dimawso township, we left at 7:30 in the morning.









We had breakfast in the market. Fish and tomato rice is a popular Shan traditional food and apparently it is also popular in Kayah State. However, the recipe is different from region to region.




We explored the market and also tried the local rice wine (Khaung-yay).



After the market, we went to the Ngwedaung Dam.


The next interesting place is called Htee-pwint-kan (Umbrella Pond) because of a mud volcano shoots sand up in the shape of an umbrella.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait for a mud volcano to form so we headed out to our next destination. It is called Kan-kunit-Sint (7 layers Lake). I’m not sure why it is called 7 layers because I didn’t see 7 layers; it is a huge lake. But it was my favorite place in all of Kayah during my visit.



After that, we thought about going to the Lawpita waterfall but the locals told us that we would need a permission from the local authority so we decided that it was too much to see a waterfall. Our driver suggested to go to another waterfall which is an hour away so we went there instead.




After coming back from the waterfall, we rushed to a local noodle shop to get the last taste of Kayah State before heading out to Loikaw airport. To my surprise, this tiny airport offered free wifi with a reasonable speed.


It was hard to say good-bye when you are having too much fun with friends. We started our trip with 10 people and now 3 of us were heading back to Yangon.
Kayah State is a smallest state in Myanmar and we underestimated that there would be not much for us to see.
Boy, were we wrong about Kayah State! When we came back, we talked about going there again and explored more of Kayah State.
At the end of the trip, I realized what made this visit to Kayah State so special and memorable. Friends!!! Non-stop laughters through out the trip gave us positive energy and even when things weren’t going the way we wanted, we had no time to complain because we were having too much fun.
I will end this blog by this quote by Charles Schulz. “In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.”


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