My journey as a runner

IMG_4671A year ago, I decided to try this running thing after a friend encouraged me to run. At that time running seemed like a mountain that I could never climb. It seemed like running was for a few elites and the rest of us could only stare from far away.

Boy, was I wrong! It wasn’t easy to start but what a wonderful journey it has been! It was painful and frustrating at times. My knees hurt in the beginning that I thought I should just stop.

But I ran my first 10K in April of 2014. During the run, I asked myself, “What am I doing to myself?” because every part of my body hurt so much. But the moment I crossed the finish line, it was one of the greatest feelings ever that I would start all over again for that last seconds grabbing my finisher medal. Of course I was sore for next three days, but at that point I knew running has got a hold on me.

After my first 10K, I rewarded myself by going to high tea at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. I did my second 10K in October, 2014. That time I didn’t need to reward myself after the race. It was a joy to just run. At that point I had already signed up for half marathon so the second 10K was a preparation for the upcoming half marathon.

I finished my half marathon in December, 2014. I had a mixed feeling before I ran half thinking it might be my first and last half marathon. Well, I was wrong again. I’m totally in for this running thing. I’ll do half marathon again.

Today I did 10K and I beat my 10K PR!! I was so proud of myself and looking forward to beating my own PR in the future.

A year ago, I was hesitant to run. Today I call myself a runner and I love it!

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