My first day in America 

It’s been 7 years since I left the land of milk and honey and I was so looking forward to the day to come. I have missed my time in the U.S, I have missed my friends, and I have been craving for all the good foods America offers. 

After 13+ hours flight from Seoul, I landed in LA around 11 in the morning and my friends came and picked me up at the airport. They asked if I wanted to rest after my long flight from Seoul or want to explore LA. Well, I wasn’t going to miss my chance of exploring LA. Forget about resting.

The first stop after the airport was to explore the famous Santa Monica beach.


After exploring at the beach for about an hour, we headed back towards our car. I’ve always wanted to try food trucks in LA area and I took my chance of trying tacos. Interesting enough, the lady from the food truck asked if I wanted kimchi on my taco. I like kimchi but not on my taco so no thanks! It was so good. My first meal in the U.S.


We just finished eating our tacos but our next stop was to K-Town to eat Korean BBQ. After leaving from Santa Monica Beach, jetlag beat me and I passed out on the car. My friends woke me up upon arriving at K- Town. I was so disoriented from jetlag but food indeed woke me up. Coming from Asia, Korean BBQ wasn’t something I was looking forward to eating but it was so good and I ate until I couldn’t move anymore.


Stomach was full and eyelids were heavy, jetlag beat me again. I slept again from K-Town to Hollywood Boulevard. Walking on the Hollywood Boulevard was fun but it didn’t take my breath away. At that point, I was glad that I could say I’ve been there and done that.


home of the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Grauman’s Chinese Theatre


From the Hollywood Boulevard, we walked around part of old town Pasedena. It was really fun and I got a fun story to tell for the rest of my life.

Walking around the old town, my friend from Colorado suddenly said, “I can’t believe that people in California smoke weed in public and I’ve been smelling four or five times already.” I had no idea what Marijuana smelled like so I asked my friend what it smelled like.

When my friend said it was something  like oily herb smell, I had been noticing  that weird smell for last 5 minutes. The guy who was walking 5 feet ahead of us had been smoking weed and I had been secondhand smoking weed for the last 5 minutes or more.

The effect of secondhand smoking weed in addition to jetlag was hysterical for me. My friend and I laughed uncontrollably while walking around Pasadena. 


I was jet lagged, high from secondhand smoking weed, and seriously in need of using restroom. Not a good combination. We stopped at Starbucks and got myself something to drink. I laughed again when the barista handed me the cup with my name wrong. She didn’t think so.


Afte getting high for about 20 minutes, I started to calm down.

Hooray! My first day in the U.S!

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