Beautiful California 

Mountains to coastal views, California is indeed a beautiful place. During my short visit to California, my friends and I managed to fit in some road trips to see some beautiful places in California.

In and Out burger may not be a big deal if you live in California, but since it is only available in California, it has become a big deal for some of us visiting California.


Our first stop after Disney Land was to a historic city of Santa Barbara. We just hang out at the beach and strolled around Paseo Nuevo shopping mall which is centrally located in downtown Santa Barbara. If you are in that area, I’d recommend an Italian restaurant called Pascucci. It was so delicious and the price was very reasonable. If I could, I would love to try  every item from their menu.

We spent the night in Los Osos and again thanks to my friend who found a place on Airbnb. I’ve never heard of Airbnb before but it is much cheaper option than staying at hotel yet much cozier. If you are totally new like me, check out on the Internet and it would change how you travel in the future.

In the morning, we went to Montana de Oro State Park (Mountain of Gold) and hiked along the coastal plains. No pictures could capture the beauty of God’s creation and all I could do was to take everything in to praise Him.

To be continued…


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