Mt. Victoria (Chin State, Myanmar) via Bagan

My travel goal before the end of 2015 was to go to Mt. Victoria (also known as Nat Ma Taung in Burmese or Khaw Nu Thung in Chin) which is the second largest mountain in Myanmar. Starting from May, I asked among my friends who would be interested in going but two weeks before we were about to leave, there were only 4 people left including me who were still determined to go.

No set dates, no hotel bookings, nor no itinerary, I wondered whether our trip would really happen. Literally one week before we left, 4 of us decided our dates and asked around possible routes from Yangon. 

We finally decided to fly to Bagan and go through Chauk to Kanpetlet. Arriving at the Yangon Airport at the domestic terminal, we were told the flight to NyaungU would be delayed. The flight was 2 hours delayed and we finally arrived to Bagan around 10 p.m.

Bagan is truly enchanting as always. Although it was my fourth time to Bagan, I had never been there in December so my friends and I decided to get up at 5:30 in the morning to watch sunrise.   

  We rented ebikes to get around Bagan and it was very convenient. We explored Bagan from sunrise, sunset, to moonrise. 




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