Mt. Victoria (Chin State, Myanmar) 

After exploring Bagan for one day, we were ready to head towards Kanpetlet. We left from the hotel around 8:30 in the morning. I highly recommend the hotel we stayed in Bagan. It is called Northern Breeze Guest House in new town Bagan and it’s about $30 a night including breakfast.The staff there are friendly and helpful.

We rented a Toyota Hilux Surf for $100 per day from NyaungU to Kanpetlet. Our driver is also a very nice and friendly guy and he knows the area well since he makes NyaungU-Kanpetlet trip 4-5 times a month. He mentioned that it would take about 5-6 hours with several stops in between but we could make it in a little bit over 3 hours without any stop.

A little bit over an hour, we arrived to Chauk, well known for its oil field. From Chauk, there was no phone signal and we lost contact with the rest of the world. Around 11:30, we stopped for lunch somewhere in Magway Region. It was a typical Burmese style buffet and although we weren’t hungry, we couldn’t hold back when we saw mouth-watering dishes. 


After a few stops on the way, we finally arrived to our hotel in Kanpetlet around 3:30 in the afternoon. 

 We stayed at a lovely hotel called Mountain Oasis Resort (Ecological Lodges). The staff there are very friendly and helpful. The cabins are very basic: no TV, no phone, nor no refrigerator. In fact, in Kanpetlet there’s no electricity the whole day except from 6:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m. 

No electricity, no internet, and no entertainment, we had to find a way to entertain ourselves until we were ready to go to bed. We explored around little bity town of Kanpetlet. Technically, we could walk around the town by going downhills but after 6:00 p.m it was hard to see as there were no lights.  Although we could take a bus from NyaungU to Kanpetlet, there were no ways to get around the town and it would be more expensive to rent a car in Kanpetlet, so we were told to arrange our transportations from NyaungU.

Our mission was to find playing cards, some snacks to munch on, and some wine. After asking around where we could find playing cards, we found them in a store probably the biggest convenient store in town. We even stopped at a local noodle shop as our “pre-dinner” meals. 

Right across from the noodle shop was a guest house and Chin fabrics shop. The guest house is clean but very basic,  and I quickly took a look inside out of curiosity. Only 8,000 kyats a night, its price is reasonable for local students or backpackers. 

 We came back to the hotel to have dinner. Its restaurant is small and cosy and we had a low expectations about food in Kanpetlet in general. But it was a good surprise for us that dinner was lovely. 

Dinner was lovely but the local wine we bought was a total disappointment. When we tasted at the shop, we knew that it wasn’t the greatest wine but it was ok. Those people ripped even locals off.

To be continued


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  1. Wonderful picture and article, thank you for sharing your trip with us 😉 Love it! I was in Burma in 2012 and it was a mesmerising trip I will always remember. Feel free to check out my article:

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