Singapore (Part 2) – “The view’s a whole lot better second time around.”

Next stop after the lunch at Naughty Nuri’s was to the famous Peninsula Plaza aka Little Burma. The 97% of the plaza is filled with Burmese owned businesses and it looked and smelled like as if I was back home in Burma. People have different kinds of craving when it comes to food and they would pay crazy amount of money just to have a taste of home.


On Saturday evening I looked up on the Internet to go to Joseph Prince’s church. I don’t necessarily follow Christian celebrities but I am also not against them. I believe that God is using different people to advance His Kingdom. A friend recommended me to check out Joseph Prince’s church in Singapore so I was a bit curious. But I was very disappointed by the information I saw on the website. There were no seats available for that Sunday. Shouldn’t church be available for everyone? I understand about limited space but something wasn’t right. So next morning I attended Every Nation church in Harbor front. I arrived there a bit early so I had my  brunch. Laksa from the food court was a disappointment that after two or three bites, I couldn’t make myself to eat anymore. I was about to give up on Singaporean food at that point, but thanks to Golden Lava French toast made with salted egg yolk from Toast Box; it saved my morning and I have become an official fan of salted egg yolk by the time I left Singapore. 


After church, I met up with a friend for lunch and wandered around China town. From China Town, I went to Little India and realized that not every part of Singapore follow the strict rules. It was fun and interesting to walk around Little India and I wished I wasn’t so full from lunch as it would have been fun to train someIndian food. But my stomach had no room even for a cup of chai tea. 

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  1. I loved little India

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