Church, the bride of Christ 

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and it was mostly about people leaving church for various reasons. Some have turned their backs on church because of some awkward conversations and insensitive comments they have received from the people in the church. Some people don’t necessarily turn their backs on church, but Sunday mornings are for sleeping in because the whole week has been filled with so many things. 
It saddens me to see that my brothers and sisters, whom once actively involved in church, have turned their backs  toward church and they only come to church once a while or they don’t show up at all. 
I am not blaming nor judging them for stop attending the church. It’s true that some people from church are judgmental and they have made hurtful comments knowingly or unknowingly. But why do they make such hurtful comments intentionally or unintentionally? 
Some people have made choices that the Bible clearly mentions is sin and if you have been walking in that path, others will make comments and ask questions that will make them uncomfortable. The truth hurts especially when you point out the truth without love. Those who have made choices out of flesh don’t want to be reminded that they aren’t walking according to the bible.
I see the problems in both sides but I have no real solutions. It’s not like I take sides blindly, but I want to stand for the church, the bride of Christ. The church has been the home for sinners like you and me and when we start judging others, people don’t see us as individuals but they see the church and overgeneralize that Christians are judgmental. The bride of Christ have been beaten up and tear down by its own people and some have left the church. 
Every church has its own problems and there’s no perfect church on earth. But even with all the drama and problems, I love the church. Through those challenges, I experience the unending grace of God that He is still using imperfect people. He is using those moments to teach us there is no perfect church on earth and the heaven is our ultimate home. 
Although we will never find a perfect church here on earth, I believe with all my heart that it is very important that every believer should be a part of a spiritual family, local church. I have come up with some of the reasons why I would not leave a church even when I have been hurt by another person in the church.
Church for me is a spiritual family and like every family, there will be problems, but you don’t leave your family every time you have been hurt by your brothers and sisters.
Church is also the bride of Christ. At a wedding, the bride should be the center of attention and her bridesmaids should help and support any way they can to make the bride feel special. If the bride has a wardrobe malfunction, her bridesmaids should find a way to help instead of tearing her down, making fun of her, and leaving the wedding. Likewise if there’s a problem at church, we shouldn’t be judging or making fun; we should support the church.

Like your family members, church is sometimes a pain in the neck. I’m not saying that we should never leave a local church. There’ll be a time when God will say us specifically to join another local church. But we shouldn’t just leave a church just because someone in the church is annoying us. 

If we focus more on our creator God’s grace, mercy, and love, we’ll be able to tell the truth in love when we need to correct our brothers and sisters. Then we’ll less likely hurt our own brothers and sisters. I personally believe that I don’t need to judge unless it comes from the Holy Spirit. 
Church might make us uncomfortable but better is one day at His house than a thousand elsewhere.

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