In ❤️ with coconut oil 

Have you got a boyfriend yet? Are you dating? Have you found someone special? Are you in love? When are you getting married? Those are the questions I have been bombarded with since I got home for the summer vacation. Unlike other summer, I am spending almost 2 months with my parents here in Yangon. Because of my longer stay here in Yangon, I try to see friends and relatives I don’t normally get to see during other holidays. 

My favorite question recently was “are you in love?” 

Most people assume that singles are sad and lonely people because they are missing the other half. But I live whole and happy life and I am truly, madly, and deeply in love. But not with a person but with coconut oil. (Sorry, this post isn’t about my life as a single but it is about how much I am in love with coconut oil :))

I’m in love with coconut oil!!! 😊
I’ve been in this relationship with coconut oil for over 3 years and until death do us part, I am not leaving coconut oil for any other oil. 

Coconut oil has caused no harm to me since I started using it and I am more and more in love with coconut oil every day. Coconut oil is my …..

Body scrub:

A little bit of coconut oil can be applied before using body scrub. I also make my own body scrub by mixing coconut oil with sea salt.
Shaving cream:
Just rub coconut oil onto skin, and shave. No more shaving cream. 
Body lotion:
After shower, rub coconut oil in hands to warm it up and the use it instead of body lotion. 
Cuticle oil:
I use coconut oil as cuticle oil because of it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Rub the oil into cuticles to get healthy nails.
Hand lotion:
After washing dishes, I go straight to coconut oil and use it as my hand lotion. It works within a minute. 
Makeup remover:
I’ve been using coconut oil as my makeup remover for 3 years. Say no to make up remover because most of them are alcohol based and they will make your skin really dry. 
 Night cream:
After washing my face with coconut oil, I use coconut oil again as my night cream. Just one or two drops to your face and it will keep your skin hydrate while you sleep. 
 Lip balm: 
If you use it as night cream, why not as lip balm, too.
See!!! That’s how much I love coconut oil and I can’t take my eyes off on coconut oil. Since I use coconut oil, I said goodbye to shaving cream, body and hand lotions, and makeup remover. Thank you coconut oil! ❤️

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One Response to In ❤️ with coconut oil 

  1. Marta Frant says:

    Agree, one of the cheapest but healthiest oils in the world 🙂

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