Chiang Mai

Most people who have been to Chiang Mai love the city and I am one of them. I just got back from Chiang Mai a few days ago and it was my 4th time there and I’d love to go back again. Although I live here in Thailand, I like to play tourist and doing all kinds of fun things in Chiang Mai.
My friend and I arrived to Chiang Mai around 10:30 in the morning and after lunch, we walked around Tha Phe Gate area and explored many shops before the cooking class. Although I have been in Thailand for 8 years now, I had never done a cooking class before, so it was a great chance for me to try it. The ideal would be a morning cooking class, but because of the time, we took an evening cooking class with a market visit. There are so many cooking classes to choose from, but I wanted to make most of my time in Chiang Mai and didn’t want to waste my time trying to figure out which one to choose so I relied on Trip Advisor before I went to Chiang Mai and found this place called Siam Rice Cookery School. If you are interested, you can check out their website.
Evening class is from 4:30 p.m to 8:00 p.m and they will pick up people from different hotels and we arrived to the market around 4:45 p.m. The market visit was short and brief and it is actually not very useful if you don’t live in Thailand because you might not have wet markets like the ones in Thailand.
After the market visit, we went to the cooking school and started learning how to make Thai food. The instructor Nancy speaks very good English and she gave us easy to follow directions. The only complaint I have is that she used chicken seasoning powder and no matter what they write “No MSG” on the package, I have a hard time believing it. Aside from using chicken seasoning powder, I really enjoyed my experience at Siam Rice and I would recommend people to go there. We learned to make 5 dishes and Nancy was very flexible and she made an adjustment for those who didn’t want to make Thai desserts by teaching them how to make stir fried. There were also vegetarian options as well. You will get a certificate and recipe book at the end.
On our second day, we booked one day trekking tour with Travel Hub. Trekking and bamboo rafting were canceled due to the heavy rain from the night before, but we weren’t informed a head of time until we were ready to go back to the hotel. White water rafting was amazing and fun, but instead of 2 hours trekking to a waterfall, they took us to a small waterfall. Lunch was pretty bad and I regretted about doing elephant ridding because the elephants were chained and had to carry that heavy houdah (seat) on their back. Last time I was in Chiang Mai, I went to an elephant camp, it was a different experience and I wasn’t thinking clearly when I signed up. When I got back to the hotel, I complained to Travel Hub about the trekking and bamboo rafting being canceled. As expected, Travel Hub didn’t operate the trip but another tour company. But they took the responsibility and they refunded us 300 baht per person which I didn’t expect they would refund. 

But overall white water rafting made the whole day worth it. 

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