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Hanoi vs. Saigon 

What are the things that cross you mind when you hear Vietnam? For me, Vietnamese food and coffee. I know it’s pretty shallow, and some people might have a horrible memory of Vietnamese war. Vietnam is a place with a … Continue reading

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I ❤️ Pai

There’s just something about Pai. It is a place I had been longed to go for a while since I heard so many great things about this small town in northern Thailand.  As soon as I arrived, I immediately fell … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai

Most people who have been to Chiang Mai love the city and I am one of them. I just got back from Chiang Mai a few days ago and it was my 4th time there and I’d love to go … Continue reading

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In ❤️ with coconut oil 

Have you got a boyfriend yet? Are you dating? Have you found someone special? Are you in love? When are you getting married? Those are the questions I have been bombarded with since I got home for the summer vacation. Unlike … Continue reading

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Unwanted gift 

People like receiving gifts in general. But people don’t necessarily like the gifts they receive and they also react differently.A couple of weeks ago, I received an ukulele as a gift from a brother in Christ. I like the gift … Continue reading

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Church, the bride of Christ 

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and it was mostly about people leaving church for various reasons. Some have turned their backs on church because of some awkward conversations and insensitive comments they have received from the people … Continue reading

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Singapore (Part 2) – “The view’s a whole lot better second time around.”

Next stop after the lunch at Naughty Nuri’s was to the famous Peninsula Plaza aka Little Burma. The 97% of the plaza is filled with Burmese owned businesses and it looked and smelled like as if I was back home … Continue reading

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